Due to the popularity of its spa services, Pandaw – the leader in luxury Asian expedition cruising – is introducing a brand new upgraded spa experience on the Lower Mekong.

Launching in autumn 2024, the upgraded spas on the RV Bassac Pandaw and the RV Mekong Pandaw will feature two new treatment rooms and a sauna, with three dedicated spa technicians offering a range of treatments including massage, facials and reflexology.

Pandaw Spa Experience
Pandaw Spa Experience

The new spa areas will blend seamlessly with the existing hand-crafted boutique decor and will feature rich teak and brass as well as locally-sourced materials and furnishings from Cambodia and Vietnam.

New treatments will include hot stone therapies while Khmer massage therapies, which are widely recognised for their therapeutic benefits and are not commonly found outside of Cambodia, will also be available.

Only 100% natural, locally-made products from Cambodia and Vietnam will be used in the spa and also be available for purchase.

New Pandaw Spa Experience Layout
New Pandaw Spa Experience Layout

To complement the upgraded spa experience, the two ships will also offer daily Tai Chi sessions on the sun deck between 6.30am and 7.30am.

For further information and reservations, call 0800 038 1029 , email uk@pandaw.com or visit the website through the link below.

Pandaw is the pioneer of boutique river expeditions throughout Southeast Asia.

The unique design of their small but powerful shallow-draft ships, beautifully hand-crafted in teak and brass, allows them to sail through a tapestry of remote rivers and coastal routes in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, China and India.

The original company, known as the Irrawaddy Flotilla Company, founded in 1865, was acquired by Paul and Roser Strachan in 1995.

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Pandaw RV Bassac Pandaw

Renamed Pandaw, following the discovery and acquisition of this last remaining Clyde-built steamer, the company has consistently cruised through new frontiers, pushing the boundaries beyond its original home of Burma.

Pandaw brought its unique concept and style to expeditions along the Mekong River through Indochina in 2003, and pioneered the first routes on both the Red River in Northern Vietnam and the Upper Mekong through Laos into China in 2015.

They believes in giving back to society. Paul Strachan, Founder & CEO, established the Pandaw charity in 2008 to support education and healthcare efforts in Burma.

The charity is entirely sponsored by donations from passengers and a profit share from expeditions.

Source: Kate Selley PR

Images: ©2024 Pandaw Cruises Ltd. All rights reserved.

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