Explora Journeys represents the ambition and long-held dream of the MSC Group and the Aponte family to redefine luxury ocean travel for discerning luxury travellers.


A diversity of culinary riches with cuisine covering all corners of the globe. Explora Journeys brings personality, sophistication and a dash of soul to dining at sea.


An elegant, cosmopolitan atmosphere in which to discover, enjoy and appreciate diverse flavours and talents from around the world.

Ocean Wellness

A series of experiences where our guests can embark on personal journeys of inner discovery and rejuvenation.

Shopping Experiences

More than just a place to buy – it is a journey of discovery, consciousness, and craftsmanship with provenance; a unique collection of over 30 of the finest artisanal brands that share a commitment to caring for people and the planet.


Re-imagining entertainment and enrichment, with thoughtful, personalised experiences, diversions and performances to feed the soul.

All Inclusive Journeys

Our Perfect Hosts will welcome our guests to a refined and generous all-inclusive journey. Allow us to curate your perfect day.


Explora I

Explora II (Inaugural Cruise 2024)

Explora III (Inaugural Cruise 2026)

Explora IV (Inaugural Cruise 2027)

Explora V (Inaugural Cruise 2027)

Explora VI ((Inaugural Cruise 2028)


Explora Journeys | Transforming Luxury Cruises Into Ocean Journeys


Talk to Us: +41435086478


Contact Us: contact@explorajourneys.com

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