Enjoy the best days of the year with a clear conscience and positive feeling: For more than 40 years, we have been pursuing the principle of sustainable tourism. Traveling with a small number of guests creates space for great things. Meeting people at eye-level in the countries you visit, experiencing cultures, appreciating regional values and creating added value for the region. This is pointing the way ahead because it is in keeping with the times. Because we are firmly convinced that traveling in harmony with nature is possible and necessary.


At a time when many people are returning to what really counts in life, the true value of windjammers is once again becoming apparent, something which SEA CLOUD CRUISES has appreciated for many years. The rhythm of the wind and waves determines the rhythm and direction of life on board. Under a full set of sails, the values of classic seamanship are in the foreground and people are very much at the center of everything that happens on board. In the cosy atmosphere of a private yacht, friendships develop and grow. This is travel in the original sense. On every trip with the SEA CLOUD, the SEA CLOUD II and also with the SEA CLOUD SPIRIT, the journey itself becomes the goal and time a secondary consideration.


For more than 40 years now, SEA CLOUD CRUISES has nurtured the concept of gentle tourism. Instead of fighting the sea with engine power, we use the wind whenever possible to get where we need to be – and thus prove that unique experiences and a healthy regard for the environment are not mutually exclusive. As often as we can, we sail. For this, the captain may have to change the route from time to time, if the weather conditions demand it.


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