TUI Cruises is a 50:50 joint venture, based in Hamburg, between TUI AG and Royal Caribbean Cruises.

The business was founded in 2008 and operates in the premium volume segment.

There are six vessels in the fleet: The first Mein Schiff was launched in May 2009, followed in 2011 by Mein Schiff 2.

Mein Schiff 3 was the first new build and has been plying the waves since May 2014, and was joined by the fourth sister ship in June 2015.

Mein Schiff 5 was commissioned in July 2016. Mein Schiff 6 joined the fleet in May 2017.

In spring 2018 the new Mein Schiff 1 was launched.

The previous Mein Schiff 1 vessel was transferred to Marella Cruises’ fleet as Marella Explorer.

In 2019, the new Mein Schiff 2 joined the TUI Cruises fleet, replacing the original and now renamed Mein Schiff Herz, which was also transferred to the Marella Cruises fleet.

TUI Cruises plans further fleet expansion. The new build Mein Schiff 7 is scheduled for delivery in spring 2024.


Mein Schiff 1

Mein Schiff 2

Mein Schiff 3

Mein Schiff 4

Mein Schiff 5

Mein Schiff 6

Mein Schiff 7

Mein Schiff Relax


Kreuzfahrten: Unvergessliche Momente erleben | Mein Schiff


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