“A new way to travel. Expeditions on a human scale, alongside passionate experts.”

Thanks to our small capacity ship, we will take you to discover the most remote and inaccessible places on our planet.

Education and cultural enrichment being part of our DNA, our carefully selected crew members and expedition teams will enthusiastically share their knowledge to make each passenger an ambassador of these beautiful places.

The New French Expedition Company

Exploris was born out of a long-standing love for exploration. Founded by Philippe Videau and a team of experts, Exploris symbolizes our desire to share our passion for incredible destinations.

By our side, you will live unique experiences through extraordinary expeditions.

100% French-Speaking Voyages

Although most of our expeditions are French-speaking, all our crew also speaks English fluently.

Some cruises will be specifically dedicated to an English-speaking clientele.

An Intimate Format

Our expeditions are open to a maximum of 140 passengers, and even 120 in the polar regions.

This intimate format allows you to enjoy an intense, exclusive and personalized experience, with less waiting during disembarkation, and more time on land. You will enjoy a real bond with our crew, our naturalist guides and the other passengers, while still maintaining your private space on board. You’ll be able to visit some of the most beautiful spots in the polar regions, inaccessible to larger groups.


Exploris One


Exploris – Arctic and Antarctic Expedition Cruises


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