An All-Inclusive Guide to Cruise Travel: Helping You Choose The Right Cruise.

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Are you new to the world of cruising? Just Travel Cover, a specialist Travel Insurance broker, has put together a need-to-know guide to help you choose the right cruise.

Cruise holidays have soared in popularity in recent years, drawing travellers seeking diverse, enriching experiences.

Whether you’re looking for a cultural exploration, a luxurious adventure, a trip around the globe, or all of the above, cruise holidays offer something for everyone.

Choosing the right cruise type is essential to creating unforgettable memories.

There are many different types of cruises to choose from, whether onboard a river, ocean, luxury, or world cruise; this guide will guide you through the world of cruise travel.

Exploring your Cruise Options:

River Cruises: A river cruise is an intimate way to travel, usually on a smaller ship that accommodates a limited number of travellers.

They sail on a river rather than the open ocean. They are incredibly popular amongst travellers over 50 due to their offers of scenic routes, trips to historic sites, museums, and towns along the riverbanks, and the ease of exploration, as river cruise ships can dock in the heart of cities and towns.

According to Google Trends, they remain a fan favourite. Over the past four years, searches for river cruises have surged by 64%, surpassing the search interest in ocean, luxury, or world cruises.

MS Emerald, Image ©2023. Travel + Leisure®
MS Emerald, Image ©2023. Travel + Leisure®

Luxury Cruises:  Luxury cruises are a premium category of cruise travel known for offering passengers an exceptionally high level of comfort, service, and amenities.

Most frequently booked during December, January, and February, with a 2% rise in bookings during winter compared to summer.

These cruises are designed to give travellers an indulgent experience as they explore some of the most stunning destinations worldwide.

Most luxurious cruise liners feature spacious and well-appointed cabins or suites, gourmet dining experiences, personalised service and high-quality entertainment, exclusions and unique itineraries.

From top chefs to world-class spas and lavish suites, they are the peak of luxury.

Ocean Cruises: Ocean cruises, also known as sea cruises or ocean voyages, take place on spacious ships that set sail across the open sea or ocean and accommodate hundreds to thousands of passengers.

Ships such as the Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruise Line, and Norwegian Cruise Line offer an array of itineraries encompassing the globe; from vibrant coastal cities to remote tropical islands and storied historic ports, ocean cruises promise a journey of limitless discovery.

We recommend an ocean cruise for travellers who enjoy a mix of onboard activities and the opportunity to visit diverse ports.

World Cruises: A world cruise is an extended journey that visits numerous destinations across the globe.

World cruises are known for their extraordinary duration, often spanning several months, and are designed to offer passengers an exploration of diverse cultures and regions worldwide.

The often once-in-a-lifetime trip gives travellers a glimpse into diverse cultures, taking passengers to major cities, remote islands, and historical treasures, delivering an immersive travel experience like no other.

With unmatched luxury and comfort on board, including multiple dining venues, spacious suites, indulgent spas, and cultural immersion through guided shore excursions, world cruises promise an adventure like no other.

Planning and Booking:

Before setting sail on your adventure of a lifetime, remember to plan ahead.

Cruises require a lot of organisation, so here are some valuable tips to help you in your preparations.

Book in advance to ensure your preferred accommodations and itinerary choices, determine your travel dates and establish a clear budget, accounting for all expenses, including excursions and Travel Insurance.

Do plenty of research and choose a cruise line that aligns with your preferences, whether it’s family-friendly, luxury, or specialised. It’s best to check.

If the cruise does not include airfare, arrange flight bookings and plan to arrive a day or two before departure to avoid travel delays and prepare all the necessary travel documentation, including passports and visas.

Don’t forget to pack essentials like appropriate clothing, check the ship’s dress code and dress for your destination, remember travel adapters, and, most importantly, with Just Travel Cover, you can purchase Travel Insurance up to 18 months in advance.

With cruising, there is often an increase in medical and financial risks; unfortunately, your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) and Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) cannot be used on board, and with the cost of medical treatment overseas rising, particularly in the USA, it’s essential cruisers are well covered for all their needs.

Medical costs can vary from country to country, so make sure to tell your travel insurer all the destinations you are going to.

Several cruise lines require passengers to have Travel Insurance as a mandatory condition for sailing.

You will typically be asked to confirm you have Travel Insurance at the terminal, and you may need to provide proof of your policy.

In some cases, you might even be denied boarding if it is not arranged.

However, whether mandatory or not, purchasing Travel Insurance is a must, especially if you have pre-existing medical conditions.

If something goes wrong, either onboard the ship or before you depart, Cruise Travel Insurance can cover you against the unforeseen.

Just Travel Cover, a Travel Insurance broker specialising in high-quality Travel Insurance for people of all ages, including those living with pre-existing medical conditions, works with some of the world’s leading insurers to ensure millions of cruisers can fulfil their travel ambitions with peace of mind.

They offer Cruise Travel Insurance that covers trip cancellations, medical emergencies, cabin confinement, missed port departure and many more.

Cruise with confidence, knowing you have the support and cover you need for a memorable holiday.

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