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Trailblazing medical experts will give enlightening talks about the fight against cancer for the first time on Crystal Symphony’s sailing from Barcelona to Lisbon on July 11th, 2024.  

Joining the Mediterranean voyage, the leading health specialists will shed light on new research and breakthrough findings on how our immune system “memory” can mount defense against some of the most debilitating diseases.

Crystal Symphony
Crystal Symphony

Dr. Willem Mulder and Dr. Joost Kreijtz of immunotherapy biotech company Trained Therapeutix Discover will join guests to talk about their pioneering research into the immune system and its importance in the quest for a cure for cancer.

“Dr. Kreijtz will talk about the immune system, its ancient yet recently discovered memory–trained immunity – and targeting the immune system as a cancer treatment modality,” explained Dr. Mulder.

“I will talk about developing bio-engineered therapeutics that engage our immune system and develop such concepts from an academic lab to the clinic through entrepreneurship.”

The speakers will be joined by other world-renowned experts who have helped to develop new treatments and cures for cancer.

Book now to hear these compelling lectures and more. This Barcelona–Lisbon voyage, which is almost sold out, includes stops at the Balearic island of Menorca, the coast of Andalucia, and Morocco’s legendary coastal city of Casablanca.

Featured Experts

A biomedical engineer, inventor and entrepreneur, Dr. Willem Mulder has developed innovative, nanotechnology-based immunotherapies for cancer, inflammatory and cardiovascular diseases and to prevent allograft rejection in organ transplantation.  His prestigious career includes founding Mount Sinai’s Nanomedicine Lab, working as the principal investigator of multiple National Institutes of Health grants, professorships and writing papers for top scientific journals.

Dr. Joost Kreijtz is a biomedical scientist, drug developer and entrepreneur, currently Chief Development Officer at Trained Therapeutix Discover. He has spent the past two decades specializing in the development of immunotherapies from concept to clinical translation.  Other important work by Dr. Kreijtz has included co-developing a novel vaccine against avian flu and research into antibody-based therapeutics for cancer and kidney disease, as well as supporting biotech companies with the (non)clinical development of therapeutics and vaccines.

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