Crystal, renowned for its exceptional voyages and outstanding entertainment, is pleased to announce it has secured a collaboration with Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer (SBM), a leader in the world of entertainment and gaming to host the first and only Casino de Monte-Carlo at sea.

This marks an exciting new chapter for the brand, promising guests an elevated level of entertainment and gaming experiences debuting onboard Symphony during the Chairmen’s Cruise departing from Venice on 14th November and on Serenity this December.

Anticipated Return of Gaming Onboard Crystal Symphony’s Chairmen’s Cruise in November and Crystal Serenity this December
Anticipated Return of Gaming Onboard Crystal Symphony’s Chairmen’s Cruise in November and Crystal Serenity this December

The casino will also be featured on the two future ocean-going ships, and in all the new vessels of Crystal, with the exclusion of expedition vessels.

The alliance between Crystal and Monte-Carlo SBM brings forth a fusion of expertise and innovation, aiming to redefine onboard entertainment for cruisers worldwide.

Guests can now anticipate an array of gaming activities including slot machines, blackjack, roulette and more, that will elevate their experience to unprecedented heights.

Crystals' Crystal Serenity and Crystal Symphony
Crystals’ Crystal Serenity and Crystal Symphony

“We are delighted to welcome Casino de Monte-Carlo into the Crystal family as our newest collaborator,” said Executive Chairman of A&K Travel Group Manfredi Lefebvre on the groundbreaking relationship.

“This affiliation symbolises our commitment to offering our guests the finest entertainment and gaming experiences available at sea. Together, we aim to create unforgettable moments and continue to set new standards of excellence in the cruise industry.”

Stephane Valeri, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Monte-Carlo SBM shares the same sentiment. “We  are excited to join forces with Crystal to deliver the unique Casino de Monte-Carlo experience at sea. With our combined expertise, we are confident that we will provide a gaming moment unlike any other in the cruise industry.”

Casino De Monte-Carlo
Casino De Monte-Carlo

The 1,000+ square-foot Casino de Monte-Carlo will be positioned where the current Bridge Lounges are located on both Serenity and Symphony.

The Bridge Lounge will then move to the Library on Serenity and The Lounge (location of the previous casino) on Symphony.

“We have listened attentively to the feedback from our loyal guests regarding their desire to have casinos  back onboard, and we are proud to announce that we will deliver on our promise,” said Cristina Levis, CEO of A&K Travel Group.

“At Crystal, like at Monte-Carlo SBM, guest satisfaction and enjoyment are paramount, and this alliance with Casino de Monte-Carlo underscores our dedication to fulfilling their wishes and exceeding their expectations.

We are confident the reintroduction of casinos will further enhance the overall cruise experience, providing our guests with the entertainment options they crave while sailing with us.”

To book any of Crystal’s exceptional voyages and experience Casino de Monte-Carlo first-hand, contact your travel advisor, visit or call 0808 175 0350.

Source: Kate Selley PR

Images: © 2024 Crystal Cruises Ltd

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