Crystal have released the following press statement:

In light of the current situation in the Red Sea, Crystal remains committed to prioritizing the safety and well-being of our guests and crew.

We understand the evolving dynamics and are actively monitoring the situation, maintaining open communication with relevant authorities and security firms to make informed decisions.

Our team is diligently working to create alternate itineraries, recognizing the potential need to make adjustments should the need arise to cancel voyages that transit the Red Sea.

Crystal Serenity
Crystal Serenity

Throughout this process, we will maintain an ongoing conversation with our guests to ensure their preferences are considered and addressed.

For our World Cruise Guests, we will confirm that any adjustments will not impact Crystal Serenity’s ability to reach Miami by June 8, 2024.

Once a final decision is made, we will immediately notify all guests who may be impacted.

Guests and crew can rest assured that any necessary adjustments will be handled thoughtfully.

Considerations such as adjusting ship provisions and the impact on containers in transit, adapting travel plans (including visas) for our dedicated crew members, and rebooking or, if necessary, canceling previously scheduled ports will be addressed with care.

Crystal Symphony
Crystal Symphony

Any necessary modifications to itineraries will be carefully managed to prevent any cascading effects on our operational systems.

We thank guests and crew for their understanding during this process.

Source: Crystal Comms

Images: © 2024 Crystal Cruises Ltd

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