Warner Bros. Discovery has produced a new docu-series showcasing life on board ultra-luxury cruise ship Scenic Eclipse.

Maritime Masters premieres on Discovery Channel in 20 languages internationally with USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Europe transmission dates to be announced soon

Warner Bros. Discovery has produced and is set to launch a new docu-series ‘Maritime Masters: Expedition Antarctica’ revealing the exclusive behind-the-scenes view of ultra-luxury cruise ships.

The series showcases life on board Scenic Eclipse, the world’s first discovery yacht  operated by Scenic, with an access-all-areas look at world-class professionals at sea and key characters from the Scenic crew taking viewers on a voyage of discovery.

From gastronomic cuisine and personalised in-suite butler services to soaring above by helicopter and diving deep below in a custom-designed submarine, Warner Bros. Discovery documents what it takes to journey to some of the world’s most pristine and culturally rich travel destinations across seven continents, including Antarctica, while delivering life-changing travel experiences for guests.

Lynn Ng, VP, Head of Content Operations, APAC at Warner Bros. Discovery, said: “A journey on board an ultra-luxury cruise ship is the stuff dreams are made of and as the leading global producer of real-life entertainment, there is no-one better placed to bring this to life than Warner Bros. Discovery. We’re excited to launch Maritime Masters: Expedition Antarctica and by bringing it to a global audience through Discovery Channel and discovery+, we know we will fascinate and excite our viewers around the world with the stories of the characters along the way.”

Glen Moroney, Chairman & Founder of Scenic Group, said: “We are delighted Warner Bros. Discovery has chosen Scenic Eclipse to showcase the benchmark in ultra-luxury and expedition cruising. With the inaugural voyage of our new Discovery Yacht Scenic Eclipse II on 13 April, this partnership provides the perfect platform for us to share real life insights into our innovative ship designs, exceptional crew and the ultimate guest experiences, with the Warner Bros. Discovery global audience.”

Anthony Laver, Scenic Group, GM Sales & Marketing APAC, said: “At Scenic, we believe that ultra-luxury cruises are about building strong human connections and creating stories for life. We are delighted that Warner Bros. Discovery has dedicated its best Executive Producers and creative teams, to curate high quality and engaging content for their inquisitive viewers. This original Maritime Masters: Expedition Antarctica docu-series features a journey narrated via our passionate captains and professional crew, as they deliver unique experiences to the discerning guests. Viewers will gain deep insights into the diverse wildlife, landscapes, challenges and operation of the world’s most advanced discovery yacht.”

Maritime Masters’ maiden voyage premieres across the Discovery Channel internationally from mid-May with content available in 20 languages. The series was produced by Warner Bros. Discovery in collaboration with Dundas Media. More details of the series will be released in the coming weeks.

Source: Warner Bros. Discovery

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