Here is the key news from SeaDream Yacht Club for 2024, from the first and biggest plant-based menu at sea and new yachting harbours in the Caribbean and Mediterranean, to new upgrades, new places and more sustainable yachting.

Since founding modern yacht cruising in 2001, family-owned and operated SeaDream Yacht Club has shaped and defined boutique luxury holidays at sea.

SeaDream I and SeaDream II
SeaDream I and SeaDream II

On board the all-inclusive line, guests can enjoy casual luxury in contemporary surroundings with no more than 100 fellow guests and a 1-1 guest-to-crew ratio.

“2024 is the year of supersizing in the cruise industry. As cruise ships grow bigger and bigger, we see a growing demand for more unique and more personal experiences. With only 100 guests and 1-1 guest-to-crew ratio, our small size has never been a bigger advantage,” said Andreas Brynestad of SeaDream Yacht Club. 

“We have no queues, no waiting and no hassle. There are no butlers, no formal nights and no need to worry about pre-booking restaurants, shows or dinners. Everything happens at your own pace and at your own convenience. This is yachting with the SeaDream difference,” said Brynestad. 

Biggest plant-based menu at sea gets even bigger

In 2011, SeaDream Yacht Club was the first cruise line to introduce a plant-based menu. Today, guests on board SeaDream’s yachts can indulge in the biggest plant-based menu at sea.

SeaDream offers a full five-course plant-based menu with new items at every meal, and no repetition over a seven-day voyage.

In addition, plant-based items are an integral part of the regular menu at every meal. This year, the first and biggest plant-based menu will get even bigger with more plant-based options than ever before.

On board SeaDream I and SeaDream II, all guests can dine outside on deck at the same time, a luxury not found on any other cruise ship.

SeaDream’s chefs often take guests shopping for fresh ingredients in small ports of call, serving local specialties for dinner a few hours later. 

Upgraded Spa and Gym

The May drydock of SeaDream I marked the final step in a full keel-to-mast upgrade of SeaDream’s twin yachts. The 10+ million-dollar project included upgrades of all suites, staterooms, public areas and open deck spaces on both yachts.

SeaDream Yacht Club upgraded gym
SeaDream Yacht Club upgraded gym

Featuring new and modern décor, while retaining the intimate luxury of the SeaDream yachts, the upgrades included enhanced stateroom space and luxurious lounging spaces such as The SeaClub forward on Deck 6, featuring hammocks, a golf simulator, plush sun loungers and two new couples’ hot tubs with unobstructed views.

Lounging by the Pool
Lounging by the Pool

During drydock, SeaDream I also upgraded the panoramic gym, as well as the sauna and the SeaDream Spa – the only Thai-certified spa at sea. 

More Sustainable Yachting

During the drydock, SeaDream I was upgraded to enable connection to shore power, completely eliminating emissions in ports where shore power is available.

Identical sister yacht SeaDream II underwent a similar upgrade last autumn, making SeaDream Yacht Club the first luxury cruise line to upgrade the entire fleet to shore power connectivity. 

New ports in the Mediterranean 

“We go where the big ships can’t, to smaller, more exclusive destinations, ports, villages and beaches. Unlike bigger cruise ships, SeaDream’s yachts are still allowed to sail directly into the heart of Venice, anchor directly off Dubrovnik Old Town, or transit the spectacular Corinth Canal,” said Andreas Brynestad. 

SeaDream’s 2024 Mediterranean season stretches from May to the end of October, with 36 different itineraries exploring the French and Italian Rivieras, Southern Italy, Aegean Sea and Greek Isles. New ports include Taranto (Italy), Tangier (Morocco), Vlore (Albania), Krk (Croatia) and Tunis (Tunisia). 

In addition, a spectacular 11-day Greek Odyssey voyage departing 24th September includes two brand-new Greek ports of call for SeaDream: Picture-perfect Tinos and Kythnos where SeaDream II will anchor directly off breathtaking Kolona Beach.

Most SeaDream voyages feature late-night calls and overnight port stays to enable guests to linger longer and explore more.

This summer, SeaDream’s yachts offer overnight stays in 12 different Mediterranean ports, including Amalfi, Hvar, Positano, Villefranche-sur-Mer and the must-visit Greek island of Santorini, where SeaDream arrives in the afternoon to avoid the day-visitor crowds.

Starlit Movies with the latest movie collection
Starlit Movies with the latest movie collection

New ports in the Caribbean 

SeaDream’s 2024/25 Caribbean season starts in November and includes seven- and eight-night voyages to sheltered islands, lively yachting harbours and secluded white-sand paradise beaches. This season features three new-to-SeaDream ports:

  • Boqueron, Puerto Rico – an exclusive to SeaDream port of call, and famous for arguably Puerto Rico’s most beautiful beaches, Boqueron prides itself on soft sands, sparkling clear water and an invigorating culture. 
  • Salinas, Puerto Rico – the sunny seaside town of Salinas is famous for watersports, and a perfect spot for SeaDream’s signature marina that includes jet skis, kayaks, stand-up paddle boards and the first and only water slide to take you from ship to sea.
  • Deshaies, Guadeloupe – a slice of paradise in the Guadeloupe Islands, Deshaies offers a perfect combination of sea, sun and culture. Deshaies is also known as the location for the smash-hit British TV series “Death in Paradise”, offering a variety of picturesque and diverse backdrops adored by millions of viewers worldwide. 

All Caribbean voyages include SeaDream’s signature Champagne & Caviar Splash beach party, as well as flexible yachting itinerarieswith no sea days and overnight stays in exclusive destinations such as St Barths. 

More Enrichment on Transatlantic Voyages

Transatlantic voyages are seen as the ideal opportunity to renew and recharge. In addition, all SeaDream’s transatlantic crossings includes guest lecturers, with topics ranging from meteorology, history, culture and arts plus a range of activities. 

For 2024, select SeaDream Transatlantic voyages will also include professional instructors in bridge and art, immersing guests in even more activities. 

Other SeaDream exclusives on Transatlantic crossings include the opportunity to sleep under the stars on SeaDream’s signature Balinese Dream Beds or, if the weather permits, swimming Mid-Atlantic. 

And if you want to reconnect after disconnecting, both SeaDream yachts offers Starlink, the fastest Internet at sea. SeaDream Yacht Club was the first cruise line to install Starlink across the fleet.

Wildest Water Slide at Sea

SeaDream Yacht Club offers the first and only water slide on any cruise ship that takes you directly from ship to sea. The 23.5-foot-long inflatable slide takes you from the pool deck and drops you into the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean or Mediterranean 19 feet / 5.9 meters below. 

The 2023/2024 Caribbean season is the first full Caribbean season of operation for the slides, which has proved extremely popular with SeaDream guests of all ages. 

From SeaDream’s signature marina, guests can enjoy swimming and snorkeling directly off the yachts, or they can use jet skis, kayaks, standup paddleboards, sailing boats,  banana boat, floating trampoline and more – all included in the ultra-inclusive concept.  For further information call SeaDream Yacht Club on 0800 058 4818 or visit

Source: Kate Selley PR

Images: © 2024 SeaDream Yacht Club

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