Seabourn Encore - ©2023 Seabourn Cruise Lines, Inc
Seabourn Encore – ©2023 Seabourn Cruise Lines, Inc

Seabourn, the leader in ultra-luxury voyages and expedition travel, unveiled its 2025 Europe season with a wide range of itineraries to explore the historical wonders and vibrant cultures of the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, and Canary Islands. The award-winning, ultra-luxury Seabourn Ovation, Seabourn Encore, and Seabourn Sojourn will take guests on more than 60 unique sailings to hidden harbours, marquee ports, and stunning natural wonders between March and November 2025. Itineraries, fares and complete details of Seabourn’s 2025 schedule can be found on Seabourn’s website.

Seabourn Sojourn will take guests on captivating journeys to the untouched Canary Islands and culturally rich cities in Morocco before sailing north to explore Norway’s stunning landscapes, Iceland’s dramatic coastline and the British Isles’ countryside charm. Seabourn Encore promises a seamless immersion into the local culture and world-class cuisine of Greece, Turkey, the Dalmatian coast and beyond. Meanwhile, Seabourn Ovation invites guests to uncover the treasures, history and culture of the Mediterranean, from the timeless allure of Portofino and St. Tropez to the medieval charm of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter and its elegant boulevards.

Skiathos, Greece – ©2023 Seabourn Cruise Lines, Inc

“This collection of our extraordinary guests are remarkable travellers, curious and intrepid by nature, and we are committed to offering them unmatched ultra-luxury journeys to stunning global destinations,” said Natalya Leahy, President of Seabourn. “Whether it’s savouring Mediterranean cuisine, enjoying the midnight sun in Norway, or exploring Iceland’s majestic fjords and dramatic coast, each itinerary is carefully designed to create unforgettable Seabourn Moments.”

Itineraries range from seven to 24 days with options to combine voyages for longer, more immersive journeys. Itineraries have been meticulously curated to offer extended time at the ports and overnights that allow guests to dive deeper into the surrounding cultures. Within each voyage, guests will enjoy a wealth of “Seabourn Moments,” along with exceptional personalised and intuitive service, and all-inclusive amenities aboard the ultra-luxury ships.

Northern Europe

Seabourn Sojourn will embark on captivating journeys exploring Scotland’s lochs, chasing Norway’s midnight sun, and immersing in Iceland’s charming villages and majestic coastline. This season boasts nine itineraries, spanning 7 to 24 days across the region, culminating with the famed “Voyage of the Vikings,” from Dover, England to Quebec, Canada.

Seabourn Sojourn’s British Isles voyages will take guests on an extraordinary journey to the past as they stroll along cobbled streets in cities and villages steeped in centuries of captivating stories. Featured ports include the following:

  • Oban, Scotland – The quiet, rural feel of Oban is responsible for the abundance of wildlife within the town boundaries. Here grey seals can be spotted swimming in the harbour or resting along the shore. A featured shore excursion is Scotland’s Mountains & Gondola Ride that travels along Scotland’s beautiful coastlines and windswept, heather-covered hills to view stunning scenery including Loch Linnhe, Glen Nevis.
  • Saint Helier, Jersey – Discover this jewel in the British Isles, neither part of the European Union nor the United Kingdom. Wineries such as La Mare take advantage of the pleasant climate, as does the 32-acre Durell Wildlife Park, founded by author and naturalist Gerald Durrell. Visitors are welcome to see and learn about the over 130 species they maintain, including a famous family of lowland gorillas.

Voyages in Norway and Iceland offer a taste of Viking culture with small gothic villages, warm Norwegian hospitality and the unique natural wonders that inspired Viking and Nordic folklore. Featured ports include the following:

  • Reykjavik, Iceland – The capital of Iceland is the location of the country’s first permanent settlement. Its name translates to ‘smoky bay,’ due to the geothermal nature of the surrounding area. Now known for its bustling city scene and highlights such as the famed Blue Lagoon, it is a must-see for all visitors to the country.
  • Tromsø, Norway – Situated 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle, Tromsø is within the land of the midnight sun during summer months and the elusive northern lights in winter. A featured shore excursion is the Polar Experience & Husky Camp allowing guests to visit a wilderness camp and working kennel of Alaskan husky dogs and learn the rugged lifestyle of the lives of the most efficient sled dogs on the planet.
Norway - ©2023 Seabourn Cruise Lines, Inc
Norway – ©2023 Seabourn Cruise Lines, Inc

Mediterranean, Greek Isles & Dalmatian Coast

Seabourn Encore and Seabourn Ovation will visit the treasures of the Mediterranean, Greek Isles and Dalmatian Coast between March and November 2025. Guests can choose from 24 unique sailings from 7- to 14-days to discover the hidden gems of a realm where luxury travel meets cultural authenticity. Highlights include Shopping with the Chef where guests enjoy the sights and sounds of unique regional markets in Croatia, Montenegro, Barcelona, Venice and more guided by an expert Seabourn chef.

Ephesus, Turkey - ©2023 Seabourn Cruise Lines, Inc
Ephesus, Turkey – ©2023 Seabourn Cruise Lines, Inc

Seabourn Encore will lead guests on sun-drenched, ultra-luxury explorations of Greece, Turkey, the Dalmatian coast, and beyond. Thoughtfully crafted seven-day voyages conveniently sail to and from Piraeus (Athens), Haifa (Tel Aviv), Istanbul, Venice, or Dubrovnik, Croatia, while 14- to 32-day open jaw combination voyages offer guests the chance to spend more time relishing in local culinary arts, culture, and hospitality. Port highlights include marquee cities as well as historical gems in the region:

  • Kusadasi (Ephesus), Turkey – The birthplace of a signature Seabourn event, “Evening at Ephesus.” When guests travel with Seabourn, their adventure does not end when the ancient site closes to the public in the evening. Guests will be treated to the ultimate private cocktail party, compliments of Seabourn, in this amazing archaeological wonder, where they will enjoy a classical musical concert performed by a live orchestra with the historic ruins as the magical backdrop.
  • Katakalon (Olympia), Greece – Dock 15 miles from Olympia, the sacred ancient site where the Olympic Games had their beginnings. A featured excursion visits the Birthplace of The Olympic Games, where a knowledgeable guide brings ancient Olympia to life as guests tour historical sites related to the Olympic Games.

Between March and November 2025, Seabourn Ovation, will offer 25 unique sailings ranging from seven to 14 days embarking from Lisbon, Rome, Barcelona or Monte Carlo, where guests will explore a number of hidden and historic gems in the region. Port highlights include:

  • Cartagena, Spain- A naturally deep, sheltered harbour with a Roman Amphitheatre and Moorish castle. The old town is full of character with several charming, lively streets with boutiques and typical tapas bars. A featured shore excursion includes Cartagena Wines and Traditions, a small group tour with extremely welcoming hosts. 
  • Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy – Cagliari, the island’s capital, features handsome Italianate architecture and several churches reflecting a variety of influences. A featured shore excursion includes Cagliari Sardinia: Ultimate Cave of Porto Flavia & Sardinian Lunch. This tour takes guests into the territory of Sulcis Iglesiente and the wild Southwestern coastline of Sardinia.

Morocco & The Canary Islands

Between February and April 2025, Seabourn Sojourn will travel to Morocco and the Canary Islands on four voyages, ranging from seven to 14 days, which take guests on journeys to the heart of the world, where the history of this region is shown through the seamless blend of diverse cultures. The region offers a legendary geological and ecological diversity of islands that vary from arid climates and volcanoes to subtropical rainforests. Notable port highlights include the following:

  • El Hierro, Canary Islands, Spain- The smallest and westernmost of the Canary Islands, El Hierro is a rugged, windswept place known for its iconic juniper trees, twisted in the winds of time. These winds are harnessed into the main source of energy and life for the island, making El Hierro the first completely self-sufficient island powered by sustainable energy.
  • Casablanca, Morocco – Morocco’s largest city and main commercial hub fuses Arab-Muslim heritage and colonial influences with a bold modernity. Guests can explore the delights of the city through featured excursion, Magical Marrakech Experience, which explores an oasis city steeped in Berber culture, featuring landmarks such as the Koutoubia Minaret, the Bahia Palace, and the Dar Si Said Museum.

To provide easy booking, with Seabourn most Mediterranean and Northern Europe voyages feature inclusive economy air from London and select regional airports, together with complimentary transfers between the airport and ship and in case of an airline delay or cancellation, next port protection.  Guests may upgrade to inclusive business class air on request.

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