On TV, social networks and in nearly ten airports, PONANT is launching a multi-channel publicity campaign inviting travellers to awaken to the world.

A key objective is to anchor the brand’s reputation and positioning in the UK market and drive sales traffic towards travel agencies.

“We are initiating this multi-channel publicity campaign on an exceptionally wide scale,” says Stephen Winter, International Sales Director – EMEA – at PONANT.

“There is no doubt that this twelve-week publicity drive for PONANT will add extra impetus to the already dynamic sales activity of all our partners”.

Stephen Winter

From 12 February to 30 April, the campaign should reach over 382,000 potential passengers.

It combines TV (ITVX + Sky) as an awareness driver, digital for an impact boost with campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, and a tactical package in Air France lounges at airports worldwide on Le Commandant Charcot.

Discover the TV ads that will be appearing from today on ITVX + and Sky.

Explore to Inspire: explore to better understand, learn, share and protect.

PONANT has been committed to more responsible tourism, and purposeful voyages of exploration for 35 years.

Aboard a fleet of 13 French-flagged small ships, fitted with the latest environmental technologies, the journey of exploration is always elegant, authentic and inspiring.

Why Choose PONANT?

An attentive crew, expertise, fine dining and more.

Within a fully 5 star setting, we take you to discover exceptional destinations while offering you a travel experience that is both authentic and high end.

For more information www.ponant.com

Source: Spotlightcoms

Images: ©PONANT – Alexis Harnichard, ©Studio PONANT – Thibault Garnier

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