PONANT is offering a gateway to the Antarctic from October 2025 to March 2026 when the company’s ships will be criss-crossing the White Continent throughout the austral summer.

An invitation to set sail to the southernmost reaches of our planet.

In the heart of the White Continent, dawn rises over an ever-changing spectacle of icy deserts, giant icebergs and almost surreal encounters with king penguins and imposing cetaceans.

Here wildlife has evolved without fear.

Ponant – Adélie Penguins

As the only continent on the planet uninhabited by human beings, the Antarctic embodies the very essence of exploration.

In these remotest of regions, the sheer grandeur and majesty of the landscape commands respect; a destination where the experience transcends the voyage. 

For this new season, PONANT will be present in the Antarctic throughout the southern summer period.

With 34 sailings and eight itineraries from October 2025 to March 2026, guests will be exploring every aspect of this multi-faceted kingdom.

From the Antarctic Peninsula to the Falklands, South Georgia, the Ross Sea, Chilian fjords and Valdés Peninsula, the polar region expert offers an opportunity to discover the White Continent at different moments in the lifecycle of local ecosystems, as diverse as they are different.

“In the Antarctic, the only masters of our movements are ice and time, hence why we operate in the humblest manner, in all humility.

Every voyage is a unique distillation of emotions.

It can be a contemplative or sometimes almost evangelical adventure, but one that is always full of surprises.

We experience so many magical moments,” says José Sarica, PONANT’s Expedition Experience R&D Director.

To the end of the world aboard Le Commandant Charcot

Follow in the wake of explorer Jean-Baptiste Charcot, roaming the Weddell and Bellingshausen seas, and observing Adélie penguins.

Thanks to her cutting-edge technologies, Le Commandant Charcot is the only cruise ship able to sail in the heart of the pack ice.

On board, an informed enlightened programme for guests to discover this icy land is meticulously planned with respect to nature.

A team of naturalist guides supervise every activity that includes snowshoe hikes, polar diving, zodiac landings, talks, etc. 

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Images: © Ponant.2024

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