American Cruise Lines is pleased to announce that the company’s Mississippi River season opened yesterday, with the first guests of the season arriving in New Orleans.

Over the next few weeks, all five of the company’s Mississippi riverboats will begin cruising on the Lower Mississippi. 2024 will mark the company’s largest season ever across the country, especially on the Mississippi where American has plans for continued expansion.

This year, the company’s new riverboats will sail more than 16 itineraries throughout the region, also exploring Mississippi tributaries, the Tennessee, Ohio and Cumberland Rivers.

American Heritage Paddlewheeler on the Mississippi
American Heritage Paddlewheeler on the Mississippi

In May of this year, American will begin operating several new Mississippi River experiences, including the first Great Smoky Mountains National Parkscruises.

An exclusive new itinerary that allows guests to explore the Great Smoky Mountains National Park on a 12-day itinerary from Knoxville, TN, to Nashville, TN, cruising the Ohio, Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers.

Also in May, the company’s first new 35-Day Civil War Battlefields cruise will depart. This remarkable exploration cruises the Mississippi, Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers as well as large expanses of the East Coast and Chesapeake Bay, while visiting over 20 Battlefields of the Civil War.

In August, American will sail a historic 61-Day Great United States cruisethe longest river cruise in US history – that explores the entire Mississippi River, 20 states, three national parks and four rivers, as well as sailing the East Coast and Hudson River; visiting storied ports from New York City, to Boston, Massachusetts, to Bar Harbor, Maine.

In just the past five years, American Cruise Lines has nearly tripled its US fleet while also introducing brand new riverboats on the Mississippi River every year since 2018.

The company recently announced five more ships, including new riverboats, which are under construction at American’s affiliated shipyard, Chesapeake Shipbuilding, in Salisbury, MD.

Following this week’s opening on the Mississippi, the company’s full fleet of 19 other small ships and riverboats will continue deploying across the country, visiting over 140 US ports this year.

American Cruise Lines remains the only company offering two distinct styles of riverboat for exploring US rivers, as well as several categories of small cruise ships that sail US coasts in the same manner as the line’s river cruises.

American Liberty
American Liberty

Most recently, American has received acclaim for a new series of 12 small coastal cruise ships, dubbed Project Blue, which sail exclusive itineraries up and down the East Coast.

While American continues expansion plans along US coastal waterways, the line is also stepping up production along US rivers, especially the Mississippi.

More details on the company’s newest riverboats, and all ships under construction, will be forthcoming as the year progresses.

American’s on-going development along the Mississippi has contributed millions of dollars annually to a growing number of US ports and communities throughout the Mississippi River region.

The company’s innovative new riverboats and unique itinerary offerings have also resulted in many new opportunities for American’s guests.

In 2024, American is proud to continue the company’s 50-year tradition of exploring the USA. As the cruise line expands across America, more opportunities emerge year after year along the Mississippi River and beyond.

The company’s unique cruises delight guests and continue to support historic sites, cultural venues and American-owned businesses across the country.

For further information call Fred. Holidays, American Cruise Line’s preferred booking agent, on 0800 021 3172, email or visit

Source: Kate Selley PR

Images: © Copyright 2024 American Cruise Lines. All rights reserved.

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