Windstar Cruises, a leader in small ship luxury cruising, is excited to announce its first-ever “President’s Mystery Cruise” set to depart on 19th April 2025. 

The eight-day voyage is aimed at Windstar Yacht Club members (the line’s valued repeat guests) and their friends and is round-trip from Athens.

The rest of the ports of call on the itinerary will remain a mystery to guests onboard Windstar’s 312-passenger, all-suite Star Legend.

Windstar Cruises' Star Legend
Windstar Cruises’ Star Legend

The unannounced destinations will be kept a secret from guests until 24 hours ahead of arrival at each port.

Once the exact locations are revealed, Windstar guests will be able to choose from a variety of different shore excursions at the destination. 

So where will the Star Legend be docking? Windstar says travellers can expect lots of new, thrilling and exciting experiences during this voyage. 

“It’s going to a lot of places, the majority of them – if not all of them – we haven’t been before,” said Windstar’s President Christopher Prelog.

Aboard the Star Legend guests will also have the opportunity to meet Prelog, as this “Mystery Cruise” will also double as the company’s annual popular President’s Cruise, where guests get a chance to learn about the leadership of this personal, small cruise line that does things “180 degrees from ordinary”.  

“The team is keeping the itinerary secret even from me,” confesses Prelog. “They know I get excited about things and can’t help sharing. I’m looking forward to the anticipation of finding out where we’re going along with the guests on board.” 

When speaking about this innovative new concept, Prelog says the idea was inspired by Windstar’s recent Tahiti & the Tuamotu Islands sailing onboard the Star Breeze.

Windstar Cruises' Star Breeze
Windstar Cruises’ Star Breeze

Just two days into the 11-day itinerary, Tropical Cyclone Nat disrupted plans to travel on the ship’s set course, resulting in swift action by the onboard team to craft a completely new itinerary to avoid the bad weather.

The positive response from guests, including a keen sense of adventure, sparked leadership to lean into this idea and so the “Mystery Cruise” concept was developed.

“It’s sort of awakening the sense of adventure again, which is what travel should always do,” said Prelog.

“It’s something different, something really interesting.

It’s a cruise for guests who like adventure and who don’t want to plan everything out.” 

For reservations call 0808 178 2233 or visit

Source: Kate Selley PR

Images: © 2024 Windstar Cruises. All rights reserved.

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