The wait is over: TUI Cruises’ Mein Schiff 7 was christened yesterday in the Bay of Kiel by godmother Fenia Kalachani, who has been an environmental officer on board the Mein Schiff fleet since 2020.

TUI Cruises' Mein Schiff 7
TUI Cruises’ Mein Schiff 7

A staging, which culminated in a drone show and fireworks, crowned the new feel-good ship against the backdrop of Kiel.

The spectacular images drawn into the night sky from Mein Schiff 7 were clearly visible from afar and especially for visitors to Kiel Week and Mein Schiff fans at the Kiellinie.

Guests of Mein Schiff 7 were able to look forward to the most beautiful moment of the year on the high seas. Shortly after sunset, the time had finally come: Wybcke Meier, CEO of TUI Cruises, opened the official christening show on the pool deck to mark the naming of Mein Schiff 7.

The guests were awaited by an impressive ensemble production, led by dancer and choreographer Chris Cross, which invited them to dream and sent them “to seventh heaven”.

A spectacular drone show with 400 drones also provided unforgettable Cloud 7 moments. In addition to the christening countdown, pictures were shown in the Kiel night sky that depicted the feel-good fleet. At about 11:00 p.m., the godmother triggered the obligatory fall of the champagne bottle at the bow of the ship. “I hereby baptize you with the name Mein Schiff 7,” said the godmother Fenia Kalachani.

The crowning finale was live act Ben Zucker with his exclusive christening concert before the legendary christening party started. “It is a particularly exciting moment to be part of this spectacular christening show and to inspire the guests on Mein Schiff 7 with my songs,” says Ben Zucker. With his unmistakable voice and his songs such as “Was für eine geile Zeit” and “Na und?!”, the surprise star guest provided goosebumps on the high seas. His new single “Wir stoß an” was recently released and in autumn 2024 he will go on a big arena tour.

 “The christening of Mein Schiff 7 is a very special celebration for TUI Cruises, which we celebrated in the Kiel Fjord. The first christening of the Mein Schiff fleet since 2019 is a beautiful moment for the guests, the crew, the employees and everyone involved, but also for me personally,” says Wybcke Meier, CEO of TUI Cruises.

Godmother Fenia Kalachani attracts everyone’s attention

Special moments require special dresses: Godmother Fenia Kalachani attracted everyone’s attention this evening with her elegant gala creation.

TUI Cruises' Mein Schiff 7's Godmother Fenia Kalachani during the ship christening ceremony
TUI Cruises’ Mein Schiff 7’s Godmother Fenia Kalachani during the ship christening ceremony

As an environmental officer on the Mein Schiff fleet, Fenia is representative of the entire crew – both on board and on land. The employees of the Hamburg-based shipping company have come up with something very special for the occasion: a christening gown specially designed for Fenia Kalachani from their own ranks.

The result is an impressive dress that combines the environmental officer’s uniform with a low-fall pleated dress. The blue colour and asymmetrical shape are reminiscent of the gentle waves of the sea, perfectly reflecting the maritime theme.

“It was a particularly moving moment when I had the honor of christening our newest fleet member. I was proudly able to recite the christening motto on behalf of the entire Mein Schiff crew and all employees and celebrate the official naming of Mein Schiff with the traditional and ceremonial smashing of the champagne bottle. It was a moment that will remain in my heart forever,” said Fenia Kalachani.

Celebrities and Mein Schiff fans welcomed Mein Schiff 7

This year’s christening of TUI Cruises’ Mein Schiff 7 was dedicated above all to fans of the Mein Schiff fleet.

Guests fill the deck for the christening of TUI Cruises' Mein Schiff 7
Guests fill the deck for the christening of TUI Cruises’ Mein Schiff 7

Around 2,500 guests, including many new but also long-standing loyal fans of the feel-good fleet, had booked the exclusive christening party during the christening trip from/to Kiel. On board: celebrity guests such as Andrea Kathrin Loewig, Bettina Cramer, Gerrit & Anja Kling, Natascha Ochsenknecht, Maximilian Arland, Nova Meierhenrich, Nina Bott, Yasmina Filali, Sabine Kaack, Jo Wünsche, Cheryl Shepard, Oliver Wnuk, Philipp Boy, Felix Nieder as well as invited day guests.

Thousands of onlookers also followed the spectacular drone show and the christening of Mein Schiff 7 live at the Kiellinie on land.

 Captain, maiden voyage and first season of Mein Schiff 7

On Friday, Mein Schiff 7 set sail for its christening voyage. At the helm: Captain Omar Caruana, who has already supervised the construction of Mein Schiff 7 in the shipyard.

From/to Kiel, Mein Schiff 7 will set course for 8 to 17-day voyages to Norway over the summer. From mid-August, guests will be able to discover the highlights of the new ship on 8- to 10-day Baltic Sea cruises from/to Warnemünde.

In winter 24/25, the youngest member of the fleet will spend most of the season around the islands of eternal spring. The trips start and end in Las Palmas on Gran Canaria.

Information on booking & prices:
· The cruise “14 Nights – Norway with North Cape & Trondheim” with Mein Schiff 7 from/to Kiel from 24 July to 07 August 2024 is available from 3,399 euros per person in an outside cabin with the Mein Schiff premium inclusive services for double occupancy, from 4,199 euros per person in a balcony cabin for double occupancy, each in the PUR tariff.

· The cruise “5 Nights – Norway meets Sea Beats” with Mein Schiff 7 from Warnemünde to Hamburg from 22 to 27 September 2024 is available from 999 euros per person in an inside cabin with the Mein Schiff premium inclusive services for double occupancy, from 1,099 euros per person in a balcony cabin for double occupancy, each in the PUR tariff.

The Mein Schiff 7 cruises can now be booked at travel agencies, under or by phone at +49 40 60001-5111.

Source: TUI Cruises Press Room

Images: © 2024 TUI AG

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