Costa presents a new feature that will make families’ Mediterranean cruises even more unique. 

These are new proposals designed especially for younger guests and their families, with unforgettable experiences both ashore, thanks to special tours tailor-made for them, and on board, thanks to engaging tour-related entertainment activities. 

The land-based experiences are available, only with Costa Cruises, in the main Western Mediterranean destinations – Savona, Genoa, Civitavecchia, Naples, Palermo, Cagliari, Barcelona, Valencia and Marseille – and will create an experiential ‘ship-shore’ bridge with pre and post-excursion activities, curated by the team of animators of the “Squok Club” and the “Teens Club”, Costa on-board clubs for the youngest.

Costa Cruises' Squok Club
Costa Cruises’ Squok Club

 The program includes two main options, the first designed for boys and girls aged 3 to 13 accompanied by family members, while the second is reserved for boys and girls aged 14 to 17. 

Thanks to the presence of animators in both options, these land-based experiences will be greatly appreciated by the whole family, ensuring that parents can relax and enjoy the most beautiful destinations in each port of call, safe in the knowledge that their children and kids are enjoying engaging experiences, independently and in complete safety. 

 The experiences planned for the youngest children, accompanied by their families, will allow them, for example, to explore Palermo with its most iconic markets in search of the ingredients of the most famous Sicilian dessert, the ‘cannolo’, and at the end of the experience ashore to take part in a cooking class in the on-board food lab. 

But also, to discover Marseille through its most iconic games and products, such as “petanque” and the famous soap, or to experience a fantastic day in the hills of Genoa, with your head among the stars after reaching the Observatory thanks to the historic Righi funicular railway, to enjoy the enthralling experience of observing the sun. 

These proposals are designed with a slow pace, and include moments of fun and play, but also moments to rest and “cool down”, to allow the whole family to enjoy the experience to the full. 

For young guests aged 14 to 17, the program includes experiences to satisfy their desire for adventure, fun but also autonomy, as they will be able to participate on their own, together with their peers, under the supervision of Costa animators.

Ranging from photographic tours to discover “street art” in the picturesque streets of Marseille, to more adventurous activities such as surfing and paddle-boarding on the beautiful coast of Cagliari; or a walk through the most “Instagrammable” spots in Naples to discover its most iconic corners, from the lively atmosphere of the Quartieri Spagnoli to the “temple” dedicated to Maradona, following the city’s most “social” route.  

Or trekking to the “Grotta dei Falsari” (Cave of Forgers), near Savona, or an experience in Palermo on the ‘Lisca Bianca’, a small sailing boat with an incredible history, where kids can sail in safety while learning the main maneuvers of a sailing boat.  

The new family program also includes various entertainment activities on board, designed to create continuity with the tours in the different destinations, so as to offer a themed experience throughout the day. Boys and girls will have the opportunity to participate in cooking-classes together with their parents, learning the secrets of cooking from the skilled hands of the on-board chefs. 

Or give free rein to their creativity and vitality by participating in fun workshops, dances and group sports activities. In particular, on the Costa Toscana and Costa Smeralda one of the days of the cruise will be entirely dedicated to families, with mascot Squok guiding them through all the experiences, which will culminate with the evening show at the Colosseo.

Costa Toscana
Costa Toscana

At the Hall of Fame in the Squok Club and in the Teen Zone young guests will have the opportunity to send in their most memorable photos and fix the best moments they experienced during their holiday on board and during excursions. 

“Families are a key target group for our offer. In particular, the summer months and itineraries in the Western Mediterranean are among the most popular with families. Thanks to our new proposals, the excursions will become true experiences tailor-made for them, suitable for different age groups, which will have a strong connection with the entertainment activities on board, so as to create a themed itinerary that will accompany our youngest guests and their families throughout the day, providing unforgettable emotions,” said Giuseppe Carino, Senior Vice President Guest Experience and On Board Sales Operations at Costa Cruises. 

All Costa ships offer clubs dedicated to minors, open every day of the cruise, from 9am until midnight. Membership is free, included in the cruise price. 

The clubs are divided by age group, with indoor and outdoor areas reserved: for the youngest there is the Squok Club, named after the mascot ‘Squok’, a bit shark and a bit dolphin; while teenagers have the Teens Club at their disposal. 

Source: Costa Cruises Press Center

Images: © 2024 Costa Crociere S.p.A.

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